1Overall appearance

The equipment size is:590*250*1620mm

Labeling cylinder stroke:175mm

Infeeding label cylinder stroke:30mm

Printer speed: 178mm/s

Print the broadband:105.7mm


Labeling speed: 3 seconds per label

2IEO Control system

The IEO labeling control system can proactively obtain label data in socket mode,It can also receive data through HTTP POST, Efficient and reliable,easy operation

Template information can be edited and printed

Can enter manual/automatic mode to run the printing device

Perform I/O monitoring in real time

you can modify the marking serial number/return to zero

3 Automatic online printing

All intelligent:Testing - printing - labeling done automatically

High efficiency:24 hours a day

convenient : Integration to pipelining

Stability: work without mistakes

4Application industry

Widely used in mobile phone 3C logistics and other industries

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