1detection station

station1、Sweep code monitoring

station2、Audio test

station3、Screen photo detection

station4、Front camera detection

station5、Rear camera detection

station6、Slide screen with 3DTouch detection

2control center

Central control system for phone detection equipment:

Connect mobile phone APP, schedule PLC hardware, control camera, lighting, audio and other equipment; Allocate CPU resources to calculate the sharpness of camera and screen data, color uniformity, whether there are bright and dark spots, analyze the volume and noise of the headset speaker, etc. Is a set of multi-threaded high performance communication computing framework.

3Abnormal recognition

In view of the camera lens quality analysis of second-hand recycled mobile phones, through multi-layer algorithm identification and screening, the identification rate of weak dark spots, raised half spots, black spots, bad lines and other abnormal lenses is greatly improved, and the quality inspection efficiency of the recycling platform is improved.

4Resolution analysis

1. Rear telephoto resolution

2. Rear zoom resolution

3. Forward resolution

4. proactive shading

5screen analysis

1. Uniformity of screen brightness

2. Screen color uniformity

3. Screen color temperature

Screen bad spot, bright spot, bad line, stripe, stain, black blob, light transmission, light leakage, shaving


The equipment size:950*650*1750mm(Casters with foot cups)

Equipment travel about:150mm

Conveyor belt length:3000mm(Inlet end 1010mm, Discharge end 1050mm,Internal part 950mm)

Center distance of transport flat belt drum:2890mm

Maximum speed of leather transport: 100mm/s

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