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IEO Technology

IEO Technology was born in Shenzhen 2013, a scientific and technological industry base in southern China, and is a fast-growing science and innovation enterprise.

IEO integrates advanced management technology, self-developed WeChat order system and GPRS+ order wireless intelligent printing equipment, and customized solutions for mobile catering empowerment and intelligent new retail enterprises; based on IEO visual recognition algorithm + multi-threaded automation control framework agreement, To provide efficient and accurate automatic detection equipment for the secondary evaluation and analysis of smart phones; based on HZD hybrid zero dynamic technology + RIEKF prediction algorithm, a dynamic balance control system with independent intellectual property rights is developed for biped robots.

IEO is committed to improving life with science and technology, and strives to provide more convenient automation system solutions for mankind. Under the principle of honesty, due diligence, fairness and justice, we strive to provide customers with suitable products, and provide a platform for sustainable and healthy development for all friends who participate in IEO. We are committed to make IEO to the most respected company and a global leader with innovative capabilities in the robotics industry.

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