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Business partner

Responsibilities: Familiar with the automation industry, master the marketing technology of automation equipment, and expand sales channels for the company.

Welfare remuneration:

1、Provide independent housing;

2、Reimbursement of travel expenses and meals;

3、Provide generous performance commission;

4、Standard five social insurances and one housing fund + physical examination benefits;

5、Provide corresponding equity compensation or conversion compensation;

Algorithm Researcher

Responsibilities: Research on the dynamic walking algorithm of biped robots, main tasks: mathematical modeling of biped robots, analysis and improvement of balance control algorithms.

Skill requirements:

1、Graduate degree, major in mathematics, computer or automation control;

2、Familiar with related concepts such as manifold, Lie derivative and Lie group, and familiar with nonlinear control system theory;

3、Master MATLAB/MATHEMATIC is preferred;

4、Proficiency in C/C++/JAVA or one of them;

5、Love robot technology, strong learning ability, like to challenge oneself, good sense of teamwork, strong ability to withstand pressure;

software engineer

Responsibilities: Implement software function modules according to project requirements and plans.

Skill requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above from a regular university, major in computer or related;

2、Familiar with C++, and C++ related libraries STL, BOOST, etc.;

3、Familiar with the multithreading mechanism of the operating system, as well as the synchronization and asynchronous communication mechanism between threads;

4、Familiar with network communication;

5、Experience in QT related projects is preferred;

Equipment Engineer

Responsibilities: Non-standard automation equipment, mainly serving non-standard automation equipment in the field of 3C electronic assembly and testing. According to the needs of the market and customers, complete the mechanical assembly and debugging of non-standard automation products.

Skill requirements:

1、College degree or above, major in mechanical design and automation;

2、More than 1-2 years of experience in assembly and debugging in non-standard automation industry;

3、Master SOLIDWORKS/CAD is preferred;

4、Love the automation industry, work proactively, have a strong learning ability, a strong sense of teamwork, and a certain degree of stress resistance;

Work location: Shenzhen

Salary: Negotiable

Recruitment date: July 2020

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